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Get ready to take the plunge into the bottom of the briny, all in hopes of coming out with some rather sunken treasures. Deep Riches is an underwater themed slot from developers Core Gaming. The bottom of the ocean has never looked so appealing, with this slot offering the chance to find some incredibly precious/colourful gems. The special features in this slot as are mysitcal as they are illusive, but should you find them under the water, you will be forever grateful. Wilds and scatters are here, but so too is some rather interesting bonus features.

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Deep Riches Slot Game

Deep Riches is a 5 by 3 slot that does have an auto-play mode if that is your bag. Auto-play allows one to play as many games as they wish off in the background while they go about other activities in their daily life. For example you might be a scuba diver and don’t want to get your computer wet so you can play even while you take the plunge in real life. This is a very bright and colourful slot, so be sure to aim for the brightest of symbols. We recommend the site Clover Casino if you are going to play this. This is a site that boasts a wide array of different slots that are fit for any occasion, feeling the luck of the Irish? Play Irish Eyes. Feeling happy? Play rainbow Riches. Be sure to check out our full review below.

Deep Riches Slot Game Bonus Features

Deep Riches offers players the chance to use something it calls floating symbols in order to enact specific modifiers to the reels. These symbols will float above the reels at random points during spins. They will land anywhere on these reels making them incredibly useful, and also very unpredictable. This will play into the replay value of this slot also, as with every spin comes a different expectation for where this modifier might land. If you should by chance activate the wild water feature, then these floating symbols become wilds, thus allowing you even more ways of coming up with some rather big scores.

Matching 3 pearl symbols will trigger the reef bonus feature. This is essentially a free spins round that offers various multipliers to proceedings, it is of note that the floating symbols can appear in this mode too, offering you even more chances of victory.

Deep Riches Slot Game Developer

Core Gaming are a game dev that requires your ever lasting love and affection for a variety of different reasons, reasons that you will come to know in due time by playing any of the games in their catalogue. These guys have an emphasis on lasting experiences, experiences that reflect trends and player interests. These guys know what to do to create the best possible slot experiences out there, and they show no signs of slowing down. There are not many game devs out there that share the same passion as these guys. Core Gaming are a name to be reckoned with trust us. You need only play a slot out for yourself to see this for yourself.

The Verdict

Going into the depths of the planet has never looked so beautiful, or maybe that’s just the thought of winning money talking. Deep Riches is a very fun slot to play for oneself. As with most fun slots of this nature, we recommend playing multiple spins on a low amount to get a feel for this slot thoroughly. Get ready to find your next favourite underwater game.

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