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A beauty the likes you’ve never known, charm her, look after her, and only then will she be willing to share her fortunes with you.

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Golden Goddess Slot Game

The Golden Goddess slot is one that is rife for style and sophistication, a fantasy slot that plays to all of your Disney princess needs. The best way we can describe this would be to simply talk about the various symbols that appear on these reels. Symbols in Golden Goddess take the shape of a variety of fantasy-related icons including: pink horses, white ducks, princes, brown horses, and the aforementioned golden goddess herself. There are lower value symbols in this slot, these are reflective of playing card symbols such as Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten. Low value symbols are only there to help keep the cash coming in no matter how small.

The look and feel of Golden Goddess is one that plays to the theme of this slot perfectly. The animations are as crisp as they are lulling, with sound effects also accompanying this in perfect harmony. This is a 3D slot making any victory on this slot respond with a certain animation.

Golden Goddess Bonus Features

Golden Goddess is a 5 reels by 10 pay-line slot, these pay-lines are adjustable and can be set to around 40 if you happen to prefer it that way. There is a total of around 2000 credits available for players to grab at on a single pay-line, making this a very different type of experience with each and every spin. Like any other slot out there in the online gaming world, Golden Goddess also possesses wilds, scatters and a variety of other bonus features. Each symbol in this slot is reflective of a different numerical value, matching more symbols in the winning pay-line will give you a much higher bonus. It’s slots like these that sites such as Clover Casino, a lot of praise and attention, and with good reason.

Wilds will be the difference between mediocre players and those who reap the most from each spin. Matching these wilds will not only give you an increased score, but it will also open the doors to scatter symbols, symbols that will cause the reels to rattle and shake up a variety of different combinations. Free spins are unlocked through the matching of these scatter symbols, and will offer one the ability to use multipliers which will only see your scores go higher and higher.

Golden Goddess Developer

International Game Technology, or IGT for short, is not only a rising star in the world of online slots, but is also building a lasting legacy as one of the more user-friendly businesses simply due to innovation and passion. So many game devs lose sight on what is most important in the industry and are doomed to fail from the start. IGT play to the importance of this industry everyday, providing user friendly games that are sure to make you laugh, cry and cheer in joy as you see the money just rolling in. Not many game devs can do it like these guys can.
The Verdict

The Golden Goddess will always be here for you, and that’s because you can play this slot at anytime and pretty much everywhere. The look and feel of this slot is only as grand as the gameplay that plays out on the reels. This is a very addictive slot that is packed full of features. If you enjoy any of the slots in the IGT catalogue, then you will no doubt find similar footing in Golden Goddess. There are other slots out there that we can liken this too, including Shamrock N Roll, which plays incredibly similar to this one. Play now!

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