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Lady of Egypt is a 9 reel by 10 pay-line slot from developers WMS. Egyptian themed slots are all the range nowadays, making them incredibly worthwhile if you are certain that the dev team behind it know what they’re doing. WMS are a rising star in the industry, so be rest assured, your money is in safe hands. And yes this is a slot based on Queen Cleopatra (we are assuming). The style of this slot is quite design heavy, but that just plays into the theme of this slot overall. This is a slot that doesn't take itself too seriously but still has that aura.

Lady of Egypt online casino
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Lady of Egypt slot

Lady of Egypt Slot Game

Ancient pyramids can be seen off in the background of this slot, and with the sun so hot in this slot, it’s only right that you go inside for shelter. The reels themselves are lined with solid gold, the same gold that you can earn when spinning these reels. The queen herself can be found on these reels, she serves as this slots wild symbol. Bets are incredibly diverse in how they can be set, making Lady of Egypt a very user-friendly slot. We played this slot on the site Clover Casino: quite a big site with a lot of slots to offer if you’re ever interested, slots such as Rainbow Riches and Irish Eyes for example.

Lady of Egypt Slot Game Bonus Features

Only 3 reels in this slot will be active at any given time, confusing we know but give us a second to explain. These reels unlock more with repeated spins, thus opening more avenues for one to match the symbols on these reels. With every successful spin you will gain an additional free spin, a great incentive for one to play this slot on whatever set bet amount when there are free games on offer. Free games offer additional multipliers to scores which heightens the experience of Lady of Egypt overall. Symbols in this slot also have the ability to stack, which again can open the doors for even more victories and higher cash pay-outs by proxy.

Lady of Egypt Slot Game Developer

How often have you seen an online game dev become a household name? We’ll answer that for you, very rarely. Since its inception WMS have produced over a hundred titles, each with their own significant themes and experiences. These guys are tried and tested and have even stood the test of time itself, over a decade of entertainment and we’re sure there will be decades more to come. Offering countless titles all based on a certain theme/title. WMS: a dynasty in the making.

The Verdict

Lady of Egypt is a delight on the senses, if you don’t believe us then why not try it out for yourself and give us your thoughts? We know what you’ll be saying regardless, you’ll be talking about the outstanding design and sound, the incredibly well put together pay-table and you’ll end by talking about how you never want to play any other slot again, for now you are caught within her gaze.

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