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Winter comes and goes, but this timeless slot game will have you feeling all that wintery magic all year round. Enjoy one of the hottest online casino slot games right now at Clover Casino. This uk slot game comes packed with 5 reels, 40 paylines, free spins and a very healthy 95.12% RTP.

winter wonders online casino
WINTERWONDERS free spins no deposit
WINTERWONDERS online casino

Winter Wonders Slot Game

Venture into a mysterious forest, and find help from a variety of fairies in order to find the truth to all the answers to questions you never knew you wanted answered. There are treasures here there and everywhere in this forest, you need only find the right guide, the fairies shall help. Winter Wonders is a Red Tiger creation, taking players on a magical journey across a snow-covered forest. We would recommend playing this slot on the site, simply due to the imaginative nature this site has coupled with the theme of this slot!

All characters in this slot are as helpful as they are cute; expertly designed might we add. You might have to go deeper into this forest than you originally expected, but isn’t that part of this slots charm? The world of Winter Wonders is as vast as it is alluring, try not to get lost.

Winter Wonders Bonus Features

Winter Wonders is a 5 reel by 40 fixed pay-line slot, which initially sounds bad but when you consider the various bonus features at play here, you will be happy with what you get. Each spin promises a different adventure, one that is quite unpredictable. To start this slot simply select your bet amount and start spinning, it’s as easy as that. Each and every reward in Winter Wonders will depend entirely on the type of symbol that you just so happen to match on the reels. The more money you bet, the higher your chances of getting a much higher cash pay-out. There is an auto-spin feature in this slot also, allowing you to play this slot off in the background while you go about your everyday life.

Symbols in this slot are representative of various playing cards. Diamonds, spades, hearts and clubs offer various different variations in how you proceed. Symbols are matched from left to right, and can be grouped from between 3-5 respectively.

The fairy symbol itself serves as this slot wild symbol, working in the same way the most wilds do in every other online slot: substituting certain symbols on the reels for scatter symbols, symbols that will cause the reels to move around in all sorts of directions all in the name of victory. The wilds in Winter Wonders have the ability to expand after each successful combination, making them incredibly useful when it comes to finding what works for you.

Free spins are also available in this slot via other fairy symbols. These free spins offer one the chance to utilise different multipliers that can increase your scores tenfold. See below for more information on this slot.

Winter Wonders Developer

Red Tiger Gaming is relatively new to the software game, nevertheless this has not hindered their wealth of experience it has already gathered in the short amount of time it has existed. Founded in 2014, Red Tiger Gaming are some of the brightest minds in the industry, offering experiences that are second only to the next game they continue to release. It is so easy to disregard companies based on age. But keep in mind it’s not the size of the dog in the fight it’t the fight in the dog, and in this case it’s the fight in the ember tinted tiger.

Winter Wonders is not normally our cup of tea when it comes to online slots, if anything the fairy theme would be something that we’d go out of our way to avoid. This one’s a little different for us and it took us by surprise. This is a slot that reminds us a lot of the slot Golden Goddess and Shamrockers, in that both use a very similar theme and art style. If you enjoyed that slot then you will most likely enjoy this one also, the only difference is the seasons. Play Winder Wonders today!

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