Wish upon a Jackpot Slot Game

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Featuring a mixture of magical symbols, Wish Upon a Jackpot is one of those fantasy online casino slots that has the ability to take you out of your own world for a short while. Set against a backdrop of greenery and fairies, this slot is very fun and imaginative ride that possesses a variety of bonus features that will keep these reels spinning for hours on end. The overall aesthetic of this uk casino slot is very good at carrying its theme. The music also plays into this theme, animations too.

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Wish upon a Jackpot Slot Game

This is a very warm and comforting slot that is very satisfying to play with each and every spin. There is a lot on offer here in ways of gameplay. Wilds, scatters and variety of additional bonus features are available here, all of which impacting how you play in a plethora of different ways. Every symbol in Wish Upon a Jackpot is represented by a different fable character, each of which have a different numerical value depending on how many of these symbols are involved within the winning pay-line. Symbols are matched in the traditional left to right format, each successful combination being marked off with a certain animation, only adding to the incentive of matching on these reels.

Wish upon a Jackpot Slot Game Bonus Features

This is a 20 win line game that is chocked full of extras that are only available to those that seek them. Forget everything you thought you knew about this type of slot. The highest paying symbol on these reels happens to be the frog prince, matching 5 of these symbols on the reels will reward one with 500 coins. It is of note that you could match 3 of these symbols and still come out on top with some coin (300 to be exact). Playing this slot on standard play will occasionally have the fairy godmother appear to cause some annoyances. The fairy godmother feature will set about placing pink orbs on the reels that when matched, will unlock one of 5 different bonuses all of which are based on a different fable. These fables include: ’Puss in Wilds’, ’Pinocchio Wilds’ and ‘Wild Reels’ just to name a few.

Wish upon a Jackpot Slot Game Developer

With a name like Blueprint Gaming you expect the best in cutting edge entertainment. If you have any doubts on their name then we’re here to burst that bubble. Not only is Blueprint Gaming the literal blueprint for most games in the market, but it is also the staple that holds together some of the most played games within the industry itself. Take note other game devs, Blueprint Gaming know how to capitalise on ideas in the best ways possible. When one sees Blueprint Gaming, we suggest you play. Heed our advice!

The Verdict

Wish Upon a Jackpot reminded us a lot of the Luck of the Irish slot, the graphics are oddly similar and gameplay runs in a similar path. CloverCasino.com: the online casino site is our recommended site of choice when playing this slotEverything about this slot has us interested, and it should be creating the same thoughts and feelings with anyone out there that is at all curious about what kind of slot that is. This is a slot that is perfect for any fans of the slot Winter Wonders, a slot that is heavily based on fantasy and things of the like, if anything the pair work hand in hand despite being crafted from separate developers.

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