San Quentin

San Quentin

The San Quentin slot is a popular game known for its high volatility and exciting gameplay. Set in a prison environment, it features gritty graphics and a unique reel setup. With engaging bonus features and the potential for substantial payouts, it offers an intense and immersive gaming experience.

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Game rules

  • San Quentin xWays is a video slot with the following feature(s):
  • A 5-reel, 3-row video slot with 16 symbols.
  • 243 win ways by default (see paytable for more info).
  • A Wild symbol substitutes for any symbol except Bonus.
  • A Wild symbol substitutes for the highest possible winning combination according to the paytable.
  • A winning combination of the same symbol pays from leftmost to right on adjacent reels.
  • Coinciding wins on multiple combinations are paid out.
  • Winning combinations and pays are made according to the paytable.
  • Different reel configurations are used, depending on the game mode (main game or any of the bonus modes).
  • The theoretical return to the player for this game is 94.11%.
  • The theoretical return to the player for 3 BONUS feature buy is 94.29%.
  • The theoretical return to the player for 4 BONUS feature buy is 94.73%.
  • The theoretical return to the player for 5 BONUS feature buy is 94.94%.
  • Simulated maximum payout is 150000 times the bet (1:2000000000 rounds).
  • Features and spin results affect each other within a game round.
  • All symbol payout values in the paytable are displayed in the same currency as the bet placed.
  • A malfunction voids all pays.
  • Malfunction in gaming hardware/software; all affected bets are refunded.
  • Game rounds not finished within 7 days will automatically be closed. Any accumulated wins during that game round will be paid out. These rounds cannot be replayed.

Enhancer Cells

On the top and bottom of each reel, there are locked Enhancer Cell positions. 

When triggered to open they may reveal 1 of the 5 top paying symbols, Wild, Razor Split or xWays symbol. 

The Razor Split symbol will split all symbols in the regular positions on that reel to a double position. If the Razor Split lands on the top and bottom Enhancer Cells on the same reel, it will split them twice. 

The xWays symbols reveal the same regular paying symbols and 4 high-stacked. When xWays appear on both active Enhancer Cells on a reel, the entire reel will be covered by 8 singleton Wilds.


In the main game, the Bonus can land on any reel, and in Lockdown Spins, only on reels with unopen Enhancer Cells. 

Landing 1 or 2 Bonus symbols in the main game will turn it to Wild and open the Enhancer Cells on its reel. 

Landing 3 or more Bonus will trigger Lockdown Spins.

Split Wild

In the main game, Split Wild can land on any reel. 

The Split Wild will split all the regular symbols on the same reel; the Split Wild will not split itself.

Lockdown Spins

3, 4 or 5 Bonus symbols will trigger Lockdown Spins with 1, 2 or 3 starting Jumping Wilds. 

The Enhancer Cells on the reels of the triggering Bonus will be open and active for the entire feature, adapting the same behaviour they have in the main game. 

Before Lockdown Spins starts, the number of spins and a special symbol multiplier is decided. 

Landing a Bonus in Lockdown Spins will award another Jumping Wild and additional spins.

Lockdown Spins

The number of spins will be decided by the sum of the values revealed in the opened Enhancer Cell positions: 1, 2 or 3. 

On the reels where the triggering Bonus symbols land, a spin will land an inmate mystery symbol or non-inmate mystery symbols. The number of inmate mystery symbols landed will award a multiplier to a random symbol. 

The inmate mystery symbol can reveal one of the 5 top-paying symbols or the Jumping Wild. The Jumping Wild starts with a given multiplier and counts as a multiple of its position; for any other symbol, it acts as a payout multiplier for the symbol.

Jumping Wilds

Jumping Wilds will jump to a random regular reel position for each spin. 

When a Wild lands on the reel with the Razor Split enhancer, it will double its multiplier and keep it for the rest of the Lockdown Spins. Jumping Wild multiplier counts as the number of Wilds in that position. 

Maximum number of Jumping Wilds is 3. Landing a Bonus on a reel will open up the reel Enhancer Cells and reward extra spins in the same way as when the Lockdown Spins started, and then the Bonus will become a Jumping Wild.

Psycho Manhunt

The max payout of the game is 150,000 times the base bet. 

When the total win exceeds this amount the Lockdown Spins will end and 150 000 times the base bet is awarded.

243 Win Ways

Winnings are calculated by multiplying the value of the symbol in paytable and the number of the ways of the winning symbol. Only the highest win per bet way is paid.

A winning combination of the same symbol pays from leftmost to right on adjacent reels. A malfunction voids all pays.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time. Game features mentioned may not be available in some jurisdictions.