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Aloha — for those that don’t know — is used in Hawaii as a word that represents affection and compassion, a term of endearment that is always a treat on the ears. Once you find yourself a site that has this game, you will be welcomed via the many alohas that permeate through the screen. This is a very pretty game and one that you’ll no doubt play from now until the foreseeable future. The 50th state will look good anytime of year so be sure to keep that in mind if the doom and gloom of winter is causing you to feel a little depressed. Play this slot on Clover Casino for the most beneficial experience possible.

ALOHA free spins no deposit
ALOHA slot
ALOHA slot

Aloha Slot Game

Aloha Cluster Pays is a 6 reel over 5 row slot that is packed full of action and excitement on-top of an excellent set of gameplay mechanics and visuals, all of which work in perfect harmony to the benefit of you: the player. Expect everything from sticky wins, re- spins, free spins and a litany of other features that can only best be discovered through personal experience. Think of it as a holiday of sorts, yeah the pictures look nice in the brochure but until you see it in person how will you ever know for sure!

Aloha Slot Game Bonus Features

Like many other NetEnt games that exist within the industry currently, this 6 reel over 5 row title also features expect wild symbols that will change the gameplay, offering potential victory in more ways than one. Scatters are not featured in this title.

Wilds will form certain clusters when matched allowing them too provide higher pay-outs should you have the fortitude and patience to wait for a particular spin. Through these clusters will players find the re-spins feature which works in line with clusters again. Think of every move you make impacting the next, the screen will fill with so much action trust us, theres nothing like seeing a barrage of colour and your score increase in front of your eyes. If you happen to have 3-6 free spin symbols on the screen at the same time then you will earn a dozen spins which are re-triggerable making them a useful tool at coming out victorious at any given stage.

Aloha Slot Game Developer

In 1996 Net Entertainment was formed in Sweden as an offline casino operator, today NetEnt is one of the leading names in online gaming that now stretches worldwide. The ever-growing list of games that NetEnt have created have, if anything, inspired many other games within the market, this is something that is completely unheard of in modern day gaming, where re-inventing the wheel can be difficult when there is already a set path of creating a successful slot. Since its inception NetEnt have produced over a hundred titles, each with their own significant themes and experiences.

The Verdict

Aloha Cluster Plays is an insight into the mind of those over at NetEnt, just how do they come up with these types of titles you may ask. We don’t exactly know the answer either but we do know that we aren’t complaining about any of their titles. This online slot is as addictive as it is fun, the wacky playful gameplay allow the player to exist in a space that is restricted from the dull and bleak. Instead, players are welcomed to a world of colour and imagination the likes never seen before. We would liken this slot to Rainbow Riches in how there is a clear theme that is benefited only from gameplay.

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