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Divine Fortune, Ia 5 reel by 20 pay-line slot from online game juggernaut NetEnt. The benefits of this slot lies within the various features found within Divine Fortune. The progressive jackpot keeps the ball rolling through countless spins. It goes without saying but the more you bet on each spin the higher the sum that will go into the jackpot pot. There are actually 4 jackpots in total that all offer a different type of experience depending on what kind of game you hope to play.

DIVINE FORTUNE online casino
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Divine Fortune Slot Game

Each of the reels offer different types of legends from ancient Greece. Medusa is just one example of one of the symbols you’ll fine here. Other symbols include: a lion, an eagle and the infamous steed: Pegasus. Animations in Divine Fortune are incredibly fluid for a slot based on such an ancient time, which is a testament to the developers and their thorough approach to how they wanted to present Divine Fortune to you: the masses. The gods are forever in your favour, in the rungs of Divine Fortune.

Divine Fortune Slot Game Bonus Features

Every symbol in this slot possess a different numerical based value depending on the symbol itself and how many are implemented within the winning pay-line. This is a beautifully designed slot that plays to the strengths of its theme with expert precision. We recommend multiple spins in order to get a feel for how you want to play and the amount you are willing to put down for each spin. Wilds in Divine Fortune are very much their own beast. Once a wild lands on the reels it will drop down one row position which in turn activates a free re-spin. These free spins will continue until the wilds fall from the bottom of the grid.
Scatters and free spins are also available here, which will offer the most potential for high scores in the entire slot. We would argue that the wilds are far more valuable here due to the drop factor at play. Both scatters and wilds have a different shaped symbol which makes them easily identifiable from the other symbols. There’s a lot on offer here and all the time in the world to take it all from the hands of the gods themselves.

Divine Fortune Slot Game Developer

NetEnt (short for Net Entertainment) are known not only for their highly anticipated online slots and games, but also for their pioneering attitude towards the industry itself. They lead by example with cutting edge titles such as Butterfly Staxx and Gonzo’s Quest.

The Verdict

Fortunes have never felt more divine in the appropriately titled slot from NetEnt: Divine Fortune. The gameplay here is once again elevated by NetEnt’s ingenious theme design. Fortunes favour the bold in this slot, and repeated plays to get a feel for how one is going to play this slot is highly encouraged. Divine Fortune is a very immersive slot that relies on just what you want to get out of this slot. Ancient Greece has never looked so good, and remember, use those bonuses to your advantage! Play now.
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