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With an RTP of 96.5% It is inspired from culture of the ancient Chinese. It brings to life the folklores of Chinese descent. With the cherry blossomed slight red background and dimmed golden borders this game has got a total of 5 reels and 15 paylines. The reels and lines are further divided by golden shaded borders giving it the royal touch of an Eastern Emperor’s Court .It is inspired by the martial art tales of eastern part of the world. It centres around the home of kung fu , The Ancient China. It offers two bonus features and very delicately animated gameplay. The light cherry dominated theme is surely going to keep the player’s attention locked on the screen.

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108 Heroes Slot Game

The professional and dedicated team of Mahigaming has come up with this new slot game based on eastern lores. There are a total of 5 heroes in impressive attire which also includes a mesmerizing beautiful lady warrior. These characters represent the upper cards whereas Q, K and A cards represent the lower value cards. The warrior cards are represented in a very delicate and royal fashion which immerses the player further into the game. They give a lively touch to the gameplay. The most interesting part are the human character cards which have the following characteristics
1. The Golden warrior is the top warrior. He pays in the following manner
a. 2500 for five
b. 500 for four
c. 250 for three

2. Then comes the blue headed minister and top member of the royal court. He pays in the following manner
a. 2500 for five
b. 500 for four
c. 100 for three

3. Next the brave and fierce shirtless warrior who pays in following manner
a. 250 for five
b. 375 for four
c. 75 for three

4. Beware! Following all the brave men above is the beautiful lady holding the lethal folding who pays in following manner
a. 625 for five
b. 250 for four
c. 50 for three

5. The loyal and muscular Arabian pays in the following manner
a. 500 for five
b. 250 for four
c. 25 for three

The music of this game has a fast paced touch which intensifies the gameplay further as the player places his bets while the fast paced martial art tunes from the eastern part of the world run in the background. The music is quite catchy and keeps the adrenaline flowing. The user continuously feels involved in the game owing to the intensified music. It can also be turned off from bottom left side if you want to win in silent mode or if you are doing multitasking.
The gameplay is further complimented in an exciting manner by use of 3 special cards.
1. A special wild card which can replace other cards in combination to form winning combinations
2. A scatter card in the form of hieroglyphs which if collected in 3 per line triggers a free number of spins
3. A Chest card which acts as a bonus chest and triggers bonus spins
The game has an interactive window in which you can increase or decrease the bets from 0.01 to 1 pounds which all depends on how much of a Warrior you are and whether are you willing to put all at stake for some sizzling & exciting wins. Only the brave and daring will play with high bets. Per line the user can use a max of 5 coins which is the top limit. Learn about the basic gameplay by clicking on the special icon (…) on the bottom left and about the rules and regulations of this game. It has a visually appealing interface with colourful windows and easy to use buttons. It offers multiple settings like setting the sound, the graphic settings and types of spins to choose from. The game also contains an autoplay feature in case you want to win good money while watching Netflix or while doing some gaming. The placed bets are shown at the top right of the screen. There is one spin button in the bottom centre which turns your luck and gives adrenaline rushes when the buttons spin on the screen for it is that one button which decides your fate.

108 Heroes Slot Game Bonus Features

The brave warriors who gamble here are offered with multiple options to benefit from
1. Free Spins
2. Kings Treasure Bonus
The first one deals with 10 free spins on the expense of CloverCasino and this bout of free rounds can be extended further aswell. It comes into action when 3 or more of the Scatter(Hieroglyphs) cards are placed anywhere on the screen. All the wins during this bonus spin are rewarded at triple times the normal reward. If you are lucky and you get free spins you better claim those rewards young warrior because those free respins will also be retriggered and a never ending cycle of winning streaks can be triggered.
In the second type several chests appear on the screen from which you can choose 3 , 4 or 5 chests and from there you can win monumental money depending on the amount of bet placed. It is triggered when 3 or more chests fall in on an active playline. 150 for two , 300 for three , 3750 for four and 30000 for five. So gear up young warrior if your lucky charm works then you are going to return a rich man.

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