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A bank heist for the ages, giving you the chance to take it to the 1% by force, and by force we mean through repeated spins on these reels!

ACTION BANK online casino
ACTION BANK online casino

Action Bank Slot Game

Action Bank is very similar to a lot of vintage slots you see in the online gaming market presently. The 3D graphics are only heightened by the overall presentation in which this slot is presented in. The animations are quite clunky at times, but that is only due to the amount of shine that most of these symbols have. Every one of the symbols in Action Bank is represented by a different coloured jewel hidden behind a safe. Unlocking these safes will require you to select your bet amounts and begin spinning. There is also a few lower value symbols that will keep the money coming in no matter how small; a wins a win right?

Certain symbols in this slot have the power to multiply your score by x500 of your initial bet! You then have the choice of whether or not you wish to gamble this amount, with the potential of an even higher score looming in the distance. This is a 20 pay-line game that also features an auto-play mode, a mode that allows one to select a specific amount of games they wish to be played off in the distance while you go about your everyday life. This feature can be started and stopped at any given time, making it incredibly useful in your gaming efforts.

Action Bank Bonus Features

Keep your eyes open for the vault symbols in this slot, they are your key to the various free spins in this slot. There is anywhere between 5-25 free spins available here, this is entirely dependant on the vault door you select. This is randomised, making it a fun incentive to aim for with every spin. Vault symbols will appear periodically on the reels, mostly during times when you least expect them. It is of note that there is also a big bank bonus feature that will randomly occur during the matching of these vault symbols. It is here where you will be taken to an alternate screen where you will play a game of match in order to pick out a certain multiplier that will only see that your scores go even higher.

Action Bank Developer

English developers Barcrest have been around the block a few times. Creating the types of experiences you hope to play during that time of day when you just want to kick back and relax. Over the past few years, Barcrest has turned a simple pipe dream into a breathing business that continues to push new ideas with new forms of technology in perfect harmony. Barcrest are a company with a legacy lasting over a decade, there aren’t that many slot developers out there that can hold a candle to these guys, remember that when you find yourself playing any o their titles for yourself.
The Verdict

This slot reminds us a lot of the Extra Wild slot from Merkur Gaming in that both have a heist theme playing out on these reels. should be your destined site to play this slot on, it has a lot of Merkur slots on there including this one. Even the symbols in both of these slots are oddly similar in how they provide players with a sense of entitlement from the get go; these jewels are yours, all you need to be is willing, willing to risk it all in order to win a large amount of money in one fell swoop! Play Action Bank today!

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