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This is a wildly popular Egyptian-themed online slot from the IGT studio, played on a five-by-three layout of reels and rows, and containing 20 paylines. Cleopatra herself will appear in the game as a wild, doubling any wins she creates. The atmospheric and visually stunning slot game has RTP of 95.02%, and also offers players a Free Spins feature for variety. It’s one of the best-loved of all the slots we offer here at Clover Casino, where you can also play Rainbow Riches, Shamrockers, Finn And The Swirly Spin, Starburst and Bonanza.

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Cleopatra Slot Game

While our speciality at Clover Casino is Irish-themed slots, we aim to give our players the best of the rest from elsewhere as well. That’s why you’ll see a number of the world’s most popular slots in our collection, and it also explains the presence of IGT’s Cleopatra slot. Slots that have a historical connection – especially those that can be tied in with a legend – always do well with players. Cleopatra might be a legend, but hers is a legend based on reality. Cleopatra really existed as the final Pharaoh of Egypt; it was her who sat on the throne as the Romans finally came to claim the land. Her attempt avoid the catastrophe by marrying Marc Antony, an influential Roman general, was doomed to failure. If the writings of the time are to be believed, Cleopatra was one of the world’s most beautiful women during her time on this planet, but all her beauty and all her gold couldn’t prevent the spread of the Roman Empire.

We don’t get to see quite that much biographical information about her in the Cleopatra slot, but what we do have is a very functional and very famous slot game that’s been a delight to players for many years. There’s nothing overly complicated about the way the slot is presented; it’s a five-by-three layout containing 20 paying lines. You don’t need to check the instructions before you start, and you don’t need to be on guard for unexpected features triggering at any point. Cleopatra slot is a pure and simple game, engineered to the point of excellence.

The mood of the slot is set by the graphics. The reels are framed by the walls of an Ancient Egyptian temple, of the kind you’ll find in the Valley of the Kings should you ever visit Egypt yourself. Tiny details, like the addition of carved hieroglyphics onto the sides of the reels and the walls behind them, help to create the atmosphere, complemented by the choice of backing music. It’s distinctly Egyptian, but not noticeable or repetitive enough to become a distraction or an annoyance.

The slot owes its roots to the traditional era of gaming, and there are some conventions that we’ve come to expect from conventional slot games. One of them is that playing cards generally represent the lowest value symbols, and that’s the case here. 9, 10, J, Q, K and A are the more meagre offerings, but even they’ve been given a visual tweak to make sure they don’t look out of place in their Egyptian surroundings. The picture symbols are the ones that can bring you the richest takings, and they’re represented by a number of images from Egypt’s rich history of culture and folklore, including the Eye of Horus.

It wouldn’t be right if Cleopatra didn’t make an appearance on the reels herself, and so she does; she’s the game’s wild. Using her royal privilege, she doubles the value of any winning combination she forms part of. She substitutes for every symbol within the game apart from the Sphinx, which is your scatter. Egypt’s most famous guard-cat is also your way into the bonus features.

Cleopatra Slot Bonus Features

When we say ‘bonus features’, we really mean ‘bonus feature’. Cleopatra has one and one alone. We live in a time where the latest online slots can come with three or four, but Cleopatra isn’t one of the latest online slots. In fact, it’s anything but. IGT first released Cleopatra as a physical slot machine before the turn of the century. Because it was so popular with players, IGT had it digitised and turned into an online slot, and it’s been with us ever since. What they haven’t done, though, is tinkered too much with the original game. That’s why it’s low on bonuses; bonuses were much less common when slots were confined to physical cabinets.

Back to the bonus which we have to play with; it’s a Free Spins feature. If you’ve played online slots before you’ll surely have come across free spins, so you’ll already know how they work. The bonus is triggered by landing three scatter symbols on the reels in any position, which is good for fifteen spins of the reels at no cost.

Cleopatra’s take on free spins isn’t unusual or particularly original, but it can pay off nicely. Winning lines found while free spins are active are worth treble the value they would be in regular play, and the round will trigger again if a further three scatters land during your free spins. This can’t go on forever, but if you’re incredibly lucky, you can accumulate as many as 180 free spins. By the end of a session that long, you’ll be richer than a Pharaoh yourself!

The double-value effect of the Cleopatra wilds is also in effect during free spins, so she can double the value of the winning line before the treble is applied. That means an effective multiplier of 6x. Once more this is nothing sensational, but it’s another very solid piece of functionality. Cleopatra, when taken as a whole, somehow manages to be more than the sum of its parts.

Cleopatra Slot Developer

Cleopatra is one of the best-known examples of all IGT’s work, and considering the size of IGT, that’s no mean feat. The monolithic company consider slot game development to be just one facet of their activities as a business, which touch on every area of the casino world. Whether it’s developing slot games, creating software for slot games to run on, or building physical cases and cabinets, IGT has a department that takes care from it. Such is the colossal scale of their infrastructure that they’re routinely called upon to host and run large-scale lottery projects. IGT see themselves as the world’s largest end-to-end company when it comes to gaming. If they were asked to justify that statement, they could point to the fact that they’re listed on the New York Stock Exchange. They’re also a genuinely global operation; they might have their headquarters in Manchester UK, but you can also find IGT offices in Rome, Rhode Island and Las Vegas. More than 12,000 people work directly for IGT. To cut a long story short, they’re a big deal.

Give how big and busy they are you could forgive IGT for sitting back and taking the money, but they have no interest in doing that. They’re still ambitious, and they still have things to do. As we prepare to enter the 2020s, IGT wishes to become the recognised leaders of innovation in the gaming world, showing everyone else the way with new technology. We’ll monitor their output of slot games carefully to watch for those changes.

IGT didn’t get this big by accident; their massive size is the result of a union between two different companies; the original American firm International Game Technology (who had been active since the 1970s), and British technology firm Gtech. It was Gtech who aggressively pursued the merger, and they finally had to part with $6.4bn to see the deal to its conclusion. As the new owners of the IGT name, Gtech decided they preferred it to their own, and so they adopted it!

As a developer and manufacturer of all things casino, including slots, roulette, poker and other forms of thrill-and-skill entertainment, they’ve built up a giant portfolio of work. Any casino logging onto their website looking for hardware or software to buy will find a choice of almost two thousand items, which is almost overwhelming unless you know what you’re doing. In among that figure are hundreds of online slots, some better known than others. If you’ve ever played the ‘official’ slot games of ‘Family Guy’ or ‘Cluedo’, you were playing IGT slots. Other titles well-known to gamers include Da Vinci Diamonds, Pharaoh’s Fortune and Miss White.

IGT’s website is intended more as a reference guide to potential buyers than it is an information point for players, but they’ve still got a small listing for Cleopatra, containing their own description of their most famous slot game:-

Take a trip down the Nile and unravel the mysteries of ancient Egypt! Just as this passionate ruler captivated Rome’s great generals, she’s certain to keep players spellbound. Like the extremely popular video slot game enjoyed in land-based casinos all over the world, Cleopatra is a 20-payline game packed with exotic flavour, including the seductive voice of Cleopatra herself. Win 10,000 times the line bet with 5 Cleopatra symbols on a payline, 5 reels and 20 paylines in the base game, 15 Free Spins Bonus with all awards (except 5 Cleopatra symbols) tripled, and the Free Spins Bonus can be retriggered multiple times. All the excitement of the classic Cleopatra game with fresh, colourful, updated artwork.

All the necessary information is present and correct within that description; they cover the origin of the slot, and confess to updating the artwork before putting it on the internet to be enjoyed as an online slot. We have no issue with them doing that; we actually wish more developers would go back to their old classics and give them a polish occasionally.

Comparable Online Slots To Cleopatra From IGT

We’ve talked at length about the size of IGT as a company, and also the range and depth of their portfolio of slots. Add into that the fact that a developer will often return to a theme if they’ve had success with it, and it was inevitable we’d find more Egypt-themed slots from IGT. They’ve done a lot of work within this area, including a direct sequel to the original slot. Here’s all the information you need on that sequel, plus a couple of other examples of their Egyptian work.

Cleopatra Plus:

The original Cleopatra slot is an old physical slot that’s been repainted, repackaged and represented as an online slot. It looks great, and it’s a lot of fun to play, but it doesn’t have any of the quirks or features that would mark it out as a modern slot game. 2016’s Cleopatra Plus changes all that. IGT have taken the best things from their star slot game and incorporated them into something that feels fresh and current. The quality of animations and graphics has had a significant upgrade, and the number of paylines jumps all the way up to 40. RTP is variable but can go as high as 96.50%. What makes Cleopatra Plus unique is the treatment of the free spins feature, which has been built in a way that rewards players who stick around for a while. All the scatter symbols you encounter are tallied up, and every time you trigger free spins the multiplier applied within it is higher, based on the number of stored scatters. For that exact reason you may prefer the original Cleopatra if you just want to pass ten minutes, but Cleopatra Plus is a good ‘session’ choice.

Pharoah’s Fortune:

We’re going further into IGT’s back catalogue now, where we find this simple piece of joy. Pharaoh’s Fortune is a 2006 release, but was designed and animated in a such a way that the passing of time doesn’t make it appear old. All the graphics are based on paintings and carvings found in Egyptian tombs, and so they don’t look any more dated now than they have at any point in the past several thousand years! Our favourite thing about Pharoah’s Fortune is that it guarantees you’ll find a win within its free spins feature; even if nothing turns up on the reels, you’re given a small prize of 3x your stake anyway. It won’t make you rich on its own, but it means you never leave a bonus round empty handed, and so it’s a great touch. RTP is 94.78%, and the only thing we take any issue with at all is the slot’s choice of background music. ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ by the Bangles is a brilliant song, and it’s fun to hear for the first five minutes, but after that, it really starts to grate. This is a slot to play with the sound off.

Crown of Egypt:

We include Crown of Egypt for comparison here because it’s an example of IGT showing more ambition. This is a larger game than the others we’ve looked at, with a layout of 5×4 instead of 5×3. It also offers 1024 winning lines if you’re prepared to pay to open them up. Crown of Egypt uses IGT’s ‘Multiway Xtra’ bonus offering; a unique attraction the developer includes in several of its more modern slots. The higher your stake, the more of the winning lines are opened up, and so the greater your chances are of taking away a win. With everything switches on, symbols will pay out as wins if they’re on adjacent reels, regardless of whether or not they’re lined up or even in contact with each other. There are free spins on offer here just as there are in the other Egyptian-themed IGT slots, with different multipliers available dependent on which of the various bonus symbols was used to trigger the round. This is a more technical and time-consuming slot than Cleopatra with regard to how long it will take you to master it, but it can also be rewarding. The basic RTP here is only 92.90%, but that shoots up to 95.03% if you’re playing with MultiWay. That might make this a lot for high-rollers.
Comparable Online Slots To Cleopatra From Other Developers
Some themes are used by online slot developers more than others. You’re on Clover Casino right now, so you know about the wide range of Irish-themed slots! Egyptian themed slots are just as popular, and so there are many other takes on the theme from other prominent slot developers. Here’s a selection of three of the more widely known ones, all of which are a fair comparison to Cleopatra in either theme or function.

Cleo’s Wish:

If we’re talking in historical terms, Cleopatra’s wish would probably have been for the Roman Empire to fail in their attempt to take Egypt from her, and therefore to continue as Pharaoh for many more years. Failing that, she wishes for you to have an excellent time spinning the reels of this excellent and fun slot game from NextGen. It’s been designed in an attractive 3D animated style, with cute graphics and a smiling Cleopatra perched by the reels, waiting to help you out with your wins. The five-by-three reel and row layout hosts 25 paying lines, but there’s more going on in Cleo’s Wish than meets the eye. The bonus features are surprisingly sophisticated and very modern. One of them will continue to run and run so long as you have at least one wild symbol on the reels at all times; a process made easier by the fact that you start with one wild reel, which moves from the right to the left of your play area a reel at a time as you spin. Cleo (as her friends call her) can also give you a random modifier whenever she feels like it too, and that might mean turning anywhere between one and all five reels totally wild. RTP comes in at 95.15% in this brilliantly entertaining slot.

Ancient Egypt:

Although Cleopatra doesn’t get a name-check in the billing for this Pragmatic Play slot, you’ll be aware of her presence as soon as you load the slot. She looks noble and imperious both on the loading screen and on the reels. Dare we say it, she also bears more than a passing similarity to the way she looked with the legendary Elizabeth Taylor played her on screen in the famous film. This isn’t a hugely advanced online slot, with none of the flashier elements that make Cleopatra Plus or Cleo’s Wish so memorable, but it keeps things simple and does the basics well; which is also part of the charm of the original Cleopatra. The use of the theming is kept gentle and respectful, with few symbols on the reels and just ten paying lines to aim for, although a couple of bonus features are good for the variety of play. RTP is 96.13% in this understated slot.

Lady of Egypt:

If someone asked you ‘who was the Lady of Egypt’, you’d probably say ‘Cleopatra’ in response. No female character from the nation’s history (with a possible exemption for Nefertiti) has ever achieved the same level of fame, so we think it’s safe to assume that the female character who appears as the star of this slot is a representation of ‘Cleo’ herself. WMS Gaming designed and published the Lady of Egypt slot, and they pushed the boundaries when they did it. The playing area is enormous and can be intimidating if you go into it without taking the time to understand it first! There are two sets of reels and rows; a 3×3 set to the left and a giant 6×3 set to the right. You only have to concern yourself with the 3×3 set; everything that happens on the other set happens automatically. Any winning combinations you find on the 3×3 reels ‘echo’ up the 6×3 reels until they reach a multiplying reel on the end, which decides the final prize. As spinning the standard reels can be lucrative, the only bonus feature on offer is free spins. RTP is healthy at 96.08%. There will be too much going on in this online slot for some players, but it can be a good time if you’re up for something new.
Cleopatra On Mobile

When Cleopatra was first released, there was barely such a thing as an online slot, let alone a mobile slot. The technology to create such a thing didn’t exist. If you think that means Cleopatra doesn’t work on a mobile device, though, you’re very wrong. This slot has made big money for IGT year after year. They were never going to leave it behind, and they were never going to miss out on the mobile market either.

The design and development team responsible for re-creating Cleopatra as a mobile slot are to be congratulated because every detail here is perfect. The graphics are at parity with their appearance on a computer screen, and all of the sound effects – including the alluring voice of Cleopatra – are of identical quality too.

IGT has taken the extra step of ensuring that Cleopatra slot will work whether your device is held sideways or vertically, but we think it looks better in portrait than it does in landscape. The reels don’t shrink or re-scale, but to our eyes, it seems like they go slightly out of focus when you’re holding your device the right way up. The loss of focus isn’t so severe that it affects your enjoyment of the game, but Cleopatra deserves to look her best, and so we think we should do her the compliment of allowing her that!

Cleopatra successfully made the jump from physical slot to online slot, and now it’s here as a mobile slot as well. Given its ongoing success, we expect it to be around still to become a VR slot and a holographic slot in the future if that’s the way the industry is headed.

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