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Do you get goose bumps even with the mention of fierce battles of history? Do you get thrilled by the stories of mighty Alexander of Macedonia? Then you must love the new King of Macedonia gamming slot of IGT. They have brought you an amazing chance to those who love to play online slot games to join the army of Alexander and win over the world and immense treasure of the King.
The King of Macedonia gamming slot even has been considered the IGT best online slots in December 2017. The game has 40 bet lines with 5 reels and 5 rows. The beautiful and graphics and the amazing background soundtracks are the additional catch of the game slot.

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King of Macedonia Slot Game

The game is based on the theme of Alexander the Great of Macedonia, one of the greatest conquerors of the world. The general invaded Persia and parts of Indian Civilization nearly two thousand years ago. Now when it comes to the game, you can find huge Wilds in 2 reels with almost 10x players and a King Free spins. In typical IGT fashion the graphic representation is just too good and symbolic like the treasure chest, scrolls, goblets, warrior helms, metal swords, kings horse Bucephalus and many more with the wilds which is the King of Macedonia and Queen of Macedonia. The Queen of Macedonia symbol is the highest payout symbol. 5 of these can payout as much as 200 coins. The average return to player for King of Macedonia is almost 96%. Let’s have a look on the rewards in the game.
• Alexander the great: the icon of the king is used as wild icon and covers in 2 reels and 5 rows and can appear in reel 2 and 4. It can match with any icon but can’t replace the shield.
• Shield: Shield appears only in the main game and if there is no portrait on the reel then multiplayer can appear. The range of players can be x2, x3, and x5 up to x10.

King of Macedonia Slot Game Bonus Features

Multiple player can occur in the main game when a golden shield lands in reel one with no wild icon in others. Players of 2x, 3x, and 5 x even up to 10 x can appear on the reel and are applicable to any win on the spin.
If a golden shield lands in reel one with a king portrait in any other reel then it can win you eight free spins but you cannot retrigger. This game of IGT is famous for big wins. The average RTP rate is from 92% to 96%.

King of Macedonia Slot Game Developer

The American multinational gaming company IGT is well-known for their online slot games. The Las Vegas based company has redesigned the slot games into online games and application based games for mobile phones. They are well known for launching various theme based slot games every year.

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