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The Moby Dick game is a 5x3 reel 20 payline game that get you hooked in no time. The backstory of this slot game cannot be really ascertained as it has influences from both the biblical Jonah-esque sea story and the Moby Dick novel written by Herman Melville. Wherever it may have taken its influence of creation from, one thing can certainly be agreed on; this themed slot game is mesmerizing. On a deeper look, one can say the game is a creative mixture of both stories to create a story inspired slot game that is distinct. This is one of the engaging slot games that are in our array of games at You should experience this slot game for yourself. Words wouldn’t enough to describe the aesthetics that is this slot game. Rabacat raised the standard for slot game with this one.

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Moby Dick Slot Game

The graphics quality of the Moby Dick slot game is nothing short of superb. Rabcat puts in a whole lot of efforts into this one and they indeed paid off. The 3D combined with a visually appealing animation is top notch. The Moby Dick slot game is one of great visual quality. The game is set again a sea background. The tides and waves of the sea are the background with a rocking classical ship. On board this ship is a captain, casting his harpoon into the sea as he slugs it out with a raging whale. If you always had a yearning voyages, then this is the perfect game that could satiate that hunger. With thrilling visuals, let the pirate spirit in you leap. However, the accompanied sounds suggest tension and sea bustle, you get a feeling that something is at stake. Aren’t at sea after all, shouldn’t be something at stake?
The symbols in this game are a combination of letters and alphabets, and there are labelled from A to 10. Other wonderful symbols in this game are beer mugs, the grotesque view of a whale’s mouth, a ship’s wheel, a classic anchor, and finally the captain’s head. The juicy part of the symbols are the scatter and the wild. The wild symbol is represented by the captain’s head.

Moby Dick Slot Game Bonus Features

Getting 5 numbers of either the scatter or the wild could increase your prizes up to 200x. That is not really all. There are juicy money to be made in this game with its other bonus features. There are two main bonus features in this game. The first is the free spin feature. With that feature, you can get about 40 spins.
Gathering 4 scatter into view on any place on the reel gives 10 free spins, while 5 comes with the opportunity of 12 free spins, and more than 7 scatter will give up 20 free spins. The other bonus feature is the bonus feature. Whenever this feature is activated, your panes freezes and you get to keep spinning until the reel combination changes.

Moby Dick Slot Game Developer

Rabacat has been in the slot game creation for years now. They game catalogues speak volume of their wealth of experiences. Cave Explorer, Castle Builder I & II, and Fantasy Forest are some of the related games to Moby Dick slot game.

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