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IGT give us a unique take on the Irish theme with this five reel, three row online slot, offering 25 paylines and an RTP which varies between 92.19% and 96.20%. Although Ireland is clearly the setting, and the characters on the reels have an Irish charm to them, the slot follows the adventures of an Irish band called the Shamrockers. A character-driven Free Spins round can vary this slot up for players, who can enjoy it here at along with hundreds of other leading online slots, including Rainbow Riches, Finn and the Swirly Spin, Starburst, Cleopatra and Bonanza.

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Shamrockers Slot Game

No genre in the history of online slots has been visited as many times as the Irish theme. It’s been with us for years, it’s always been popular with players, and several hundred slot games have been released which use it as a theme. We offer the best of the current crop here at Clover Casino, but we always like to see a fresh take on the Irish idea. Shamrockers, by the always-inventive IGT studio, is that fresh take.

The full title of this online slot is Shamrockers Eire To Rock, which you could be forgiven for thinking was the title of the next U2 album, but in fact refers to the fictional band who are the stars of this slot game. It’s a name that’s been used in real life by groups who’ve performed punk, rock, dance and everything in between, but if we had to give a genre to the Shamrockers we find here, we’d say folk-rock. You’ll only hear their music when something exciting happens on the reels, though; the rest of the time the backing noise is all birdsong. Given the choice of theme for the slot, that sounds and feels odd.

Graphically, this game is sharp and charming. There’s nothing over-the-top spectacular about the presentation, but it’s crystal clear on an HD screen, and you can tell it’s a recent-years build; the slot was first published in 2016. We seem to be viewing the reels from the perspective of the band; there’s a wooden stage at the bottom of the screen, and green fields beyond, with a burst of rainbow colours peeking out above and beside the reels. The reels are exactly where the crowd would be, so we can’t tell if anyone’s come to our gig or not!

The reels themselves are a 5×3 affair, picked out in colours that match the traditions of the Emerald Isle, with appropriately chosen symbols. Those of the least value are the tried-and-trusted faces of playing cards, which run from 10 through to A. Like any good groupie, though, what you really want to see is the band. The Shamrockers are a four piece band, and each member has their own symbol, so look out for the girl on drums, the ultra-cool guitarist in sunglasses, the red-bearded fiddler and the even-more bearded lead singer. In a boost to the egos of rock and roll vocalists everywhere, the singer is the most valuable symbol in the base game.

Beyond those basics, there are a couple of special symbols to be on the lookout for; a three-leafed (yes, three, not four. We don’t know why either) clover is the wild in Shamrock slot and will replace everything other than the scatter to create winning lines for you. The scatter is the most prized of all things among fans of a band; a ticket to see them live. Sadly, Shamrockers slot is unable to teleport you to see a band play in person, so the ticket does the next best thing by providing access to the bonus round.

Shamrockers Slot Bonus Features

IGT is more than capable of making deep and complex slot games when they want to; within their vast catalogue of slot games, they’ve done almost everything imaginable. Shamrockers, with its offbeat theme and emphasis on fun and entertainment, isn’t a slot that needed multiple bonus features adding to it. There’s only one, and this is how it works.

It’s a Free Spins feature that you can access with your ticket, although you’ll actually need three tickets to gain access. They can only appear on the second, third and fourth reels. When you’ve secured entry to the round (and grabbed your front row seats!), you have four free spins. Four may not sound like a lot, but these aren’t plain and boring regular free spins.

For a start, any win you find during these spins is worth twice what it would be in normal play. That’s not a massive multiple, but every little helps. The real key to success here is that you have stacked reels to help you out. On your first spin, you’ll have stacked fiddlers. On the second, every musician’s nightmare, stacked drummers. Onto the third, you’ll have stacked guitarist, and on that fourth and final spin, you’ll have stacked singers, which represent your best chance of a big win.

There’s one extra symbol added to the fifth reel during your free spins; a VIP ticket. If on your final spin the VIP ticket lands on that fifth reel, the round is triggered again, and you have a further four spins. This can repeatedly happen if the VIP ticket keeps appearing, up to a maximum of 240 free spins. If you’re lucky enough to get to that point, you should have won enough to pay a rock band to come and play for you in real life.

Shamrockers Slot Developer

Shamrockers Slot is just one of the hundreds of online slots that have been published by the Goliath of the gaming world, IGT. Nobody can touch the British based company for size; they employ 12,000 people and have offices in Rhode Island, Las Vegas and Rome on top of their Manchester HQ. Even though they’ve developed hundreds of slot games and brought them to market, slot games are just a small chunk of their business. IGT create not only slot games but the software that the slot games run on, the physical cabinets the slot games can come in, and entire lottery systems that deal with millions of pounds of revenue at a time. They have the hardware and the capability to deal with any task required of them.

IGT’s reason-to-be as a company is to become recognised as the leading brand within the gaming world when it comes innovation. They’ve always positioned themselves at the forefront of change when new technology becomes available within gaming, and it would be no surprise to see them pushing new frontiers when VR becomes more common as part of the virtual casino experience.

IGT didn’t reach the size they are now organically. It’s the product of two smaller (but still comparatively big) companies merging together; the UK’s Gtech, and the American company International Game Technology, which had been active in the gaming world since the mid-1970s. It was Gtech who bought the first IGT, assimilating their operations and resources, but they felt that the IGT name was more recognised within the market and so decided to keep it, ditching their own name in the process. The value of the deal that created this new IGT was over $6bn.

The developer’s website is aimed more at business customers than it is slot game players, and primarily at selling their various products. There are more than 2000 different products for sale directly from IGT, including more than four hundred slot games. In among that vast collection are classics like Da Vinci Diamonds, Miss White, Cleopatra and the official slot of the ‘Family Guy’ TV show. If you’ve ever wondered what the board game ‘Cluedo’ might look like as a slot game, you can find that out by playing IGT’s licensed version of it, too.

Helpfully, IGT itemises and catalogues all of their slots, and provide a helpful description of them when they do it. Summing up Shamrockers in their own words, IGT says:-

Let the luck of the Irish tunes bring you riches! Rock on with the pulse-pounding beats of Shamrockers Eire to Rock! The Dynamic Stacks feature guarantees a rewarding jam session of massive stacks of symbols on every spin. Rush the stage in the Free Spins Bonus and be mesmerized by performances from every member of the band. The Encore feature lets your cries for more be heard with a phenomenal retrigger rate for another set of lucrative free spins.3 x 5 reels, 20 paylines. Rock ‘n’ roll leprechauns-a fun new take on a luck-of-the-Irish theme. Full-reel animations of the four lovable band members. Free Spins Bonus awards 4 free spins. A different band member is stacked in each bonus spin for increasingly lucrative rewards. Watch for the Encore symbol that retriggers the bonus at a very high rate

Given the description of the ‘pulse-pounding’ beats of the Shamrockers that IGT mention here, we’re a little sad that we don’t get to hear them a little more within the slot. We’re in full agreement with them about this being a new take on the Irish theme though; almost every take on Irish slots has been done already, and we’ve seen them all at We’re always thrilled to see something new, and so we salute IGT for their efforts in Shamrockers Slot. It may not be the most varied slot of all time, but it’s a fun way to spend some time.

Comparable Games To Shamrockers Slot By IGT

Within the relevant section belonging to each of IGT’s games within their website, they have an area for ‘similar games’. Interestingly, under that heading for Shamrockers Slot, it says ‘none’. IGT feel like they haven’t made anything like this before. We went looking deep into their archives, and were stunned to find that we have to agree with them. We weren’t expecting to find a slot game that features a fictional Irish rock band, but we expected to find three or four variations on the Irish theme. We could only find one.

IGT describe themselves as innovators, and we suppose this is one way of showing it. Everybody makes Irish themed slots. Mostly staying away from that trend marks IGT out as different. In any event, here’s their other Irish offering.

Irish Magic:

A 2016 offering from IGT, with huge symbols and reels. It’s a traditional-feeling 5×3 slot, with fifteen fixed paylines and an unknown RTP. Unusually, despite the fact that this was released so recently, it’s no longer featured within the interactive section of IGT’s website. It’s still available to be played elsewhere, but it seems that IGT didn’t think that this was a hit, and so have quickly moved on from it. That’s a little harsh; there’s nothing glaringly wrong with it, it’s just somewhat simplistically drawn, and doesn’t contain anything to write home about. The familiar themes of smiling leprechauns, pints of stout and lucky horseshoes have all been used elsewhere, but that’s true of many Irish themed games. Irish Magic offers a free spins bonus as well as a memory-based game where your chances of winning are based on your skill at memorising a pattern. You don’t often see a slot game offer prizes based on anything other than the content of that game, so to reward someone for their powers of recall is an unusual step. It’s not likely to appear on many people’s top 10 lists, but it’s built well and at least tries something different.

Comparable Games To Shamrockers Slot From Other Developers

There are no other online slots that combine the theme of Ireland with the theme of bands. IGT have invented that sub-genre, and as it stands they’ve made the only entry into it. There are many other online slots from elsewhere which have made excellent use of the Irish theme, and this is after all, so let’s give you a taste of just a couple of them!

Leprechaun Song:

There may not be a rock band in Pragmatic Play’s Leprechaun Song, but it does combine the themes of Ireland and music, so it’s as close as we’re going to get! This is a good looking slot that plays smoothly, and has some nice touches of animation that endear it to players; not least a leprechaun who sits on top of your reels and makes encouraging noises when you’re doing well! With a cartoonish format that probably owes a pinch of inspiration to the famous Rainbow Riches games, Leprechaun Song is a 5×3 layout slot with 20 fixed paylines and a very healthy 96.46% RTP. Compared to Shamrockers Slot it’s loaded up on bonus features with a Free Spins round as well as a prize picker, raining wilds and giant symbols, all of which can lead to some very nice winnings. This is a slot that belongs in the upper tier of Irish themed slots.

Rainbow Riches:

It may be cliched to offer Rainbow Riches as a comparison for another Irish slot game, but Rainbow Riches is the definitive entry in the genre, so really it’s still the slot that all the rest of them are trying to measure up to. This legendary slot game was first devised by Barcrest way back in 2005, and has been online ever since. It’s the cornerstone of a whole series of games which all use the Rainbow Riches name, and so it can be considered as the father of the whole family. Bright, boisterous and unashamedly tongue in cheek, the slot deals with its stereotypical Irish content with good humour and a knowing wink. It’s a 5×3 layout set against the backdrop of a brighter and sunnier Ireland than you may be used to seeing. There are 20 paylines to aim for, along with three bonus features including the ‘wheel of fortune’ based Road to Riches, and two prize picker rounds, one of which awards an instant cash prize. It may not have the modern quality animation that Shamrockers Slots does (although some of its sequels do), but Rainbow Riches makes up for all of that in the fun department. It’s no wonder this famous slot game is still beguiling players nearly fifteen years since it was released.

Shamrockers Slot On Mobile

IGT don’t usually have an issue with making their online slots playable on mobile devices. They’re a large and vastly experienced slot developer, who make a point of embracing new technologies and moving with the times. We didn’t expect to find any issues when we loaded Shamrockers to test it on our smartphones, and for the main part, we didn’t.

We’ll deal with the negative first. Shamrockers forces you to play with your phone held in a landscape position. If you try to play with your phone held the right way up, you’ll get a black screen prompting you to turn it sideways again before play can begin or resume. There’s nothing hugely wrong with this; the game works just fine so long as you do what it tells you to, but most major developers have managed to conquer this issue by using HTML5 or simply adapting the coding to move when the position of the phone moves. If smaller developers can ensure their slots can be played whichever way a user prefers to play them, there’s no reason IGT can’t or shouldn’t. Their mission statement says they aspire to be leaders of innovation within the gaming sector; if that’s the case, they should ensure that all of their mobile slots meet the standards that others are currently setting.

That aside, when you do tilt your phone over, the slot works perfectly. The 3D graphics look just as sharp and attractive on a phone as they do on a computer screen, the animations are as smooth, the sounds are just as clear, and the slot plays the same way. There’s been no loss of quality from one form of playing Shamrockers slot to the other.

It’s a mostly tidy conversion; it’s just a shame about the lack of an option to play it in portrait position.

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