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Introducing Slingo: a 5x5 game that is played with a various set of envelopes, 26 in total. At the beginning of this slot you will be tasked with choosing one card from random that will be kept until the very end of your game. This card is your option to gamble, and exists only to tempt you at the end of your game if you aren’t satisfied with what you manage to accumulate over the course of this game.

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Slingo Slot Game

The aim of Slingo is simple, simply spin your number reel and take out the various envelopes that match the numbers found via your spin. The aim is to get rid of the smaller value envelopes and keep the big ones. A very fun game indeed.

Slingo Slot Game Bonus Features

With each spin you will be given 5 numbers, a number for each individual grid, from there it is up to you to find the matching number on the board. You shall earn what this game calls a ‘slingo’ if you manage to open 5 correct envelopes in a clear line in various different directions. With every slingo will you earn a building multiplier that will only add to your base score overall: the perfect incentive to continue playing your hot streak.

The Slingo multiplier caps out at x7, but it is still worthwhile when you consider the amount of money you’ll be earning when you couple that with individual victories. Once you hit that x4 multiplier is when you’ll have to start making the tough decisions. Slingo will offer you alternative prizes that all affect the game in a various set of ways. You can either accept or reject these additions, it all depends on your preference and what you really want out of this game. Just however will you proceed? Only you know the answer to that.

Slingo Slot Game Developer

Slingo are a developer that houses so many different and unique slots, all of which all possess the name Slingo in front of them. These guys have so many slots out there that it is kind of hard to keep up with them. It goes without saying but these guys are an empire of different games, they have a slot for every mood and every occasion. Simply Google their name and see what kinds of rabbit holes you find yourself in.

The Verdict

Slingo have done it again, Slingo is everything we personally wanted from these guys. It could be easy for them at this point to release re-skinned versions of slots they have already made, but again these guys have not settled cash grabs and hand outs. Slingo has a vibe to it, a vibe that you can find in a variety of other Slingo slots like Rainbow Riches; this just happens to be a more money centric one. Play this game today!

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