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Net Ent present Starburst; their own take on the classic era of gaming, featuring ten paylines across a 5×3 layout, with 96.10% RTP. In this online slot, the developer takes gaming back to a time of simplicity and tradition, with a sharp visual design and a bonus feature that puts a modern twist on the format. It’s one of the most popular games we host here at Clover Casino, where we also feature other great slots like
Rainbow Riches, Shamrockers, Finn And The Swirly Spin, Cleopatra and Bonanza.

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Starburst Slot

NetEnt is a studio known for their sleek and stylish visual designs. Although the mechanics of their online slots are usually strong, you always suspect that most of the time spent creating the game went on the graphics. That’s the case once again here with Starburst; a slot game so simple that it could have been played on a physical slot machine twenty or thirty years ago, but brought up to date with a couple of touches of clever animation and HD polish.

You don’t need to click on the ‘instructions’ section of Starburst to know how it works. It isn’t trying to trick you, fool you or make you believe that it’s anything other than what it appears to be; a jewel-themed slot rooted in the best traditions of gaming. As with the slot game of old, there are a reduced number of symbols and only ten paylines, but that lack of symbols makes the paylines easier to find; especially when you take into account the fact that Starburst pays right-to-left as well as left-to-right. A cool, slightly outer-spacey backing track accompanies you as you spin, which combines with the purple background and the occasionally science-fiction style visual effects when you find a winning line, can put you into something of a trance.

Because Starburst sounds so basic when it’s written down this way people often wonder how it maintains its position as one of the most popular online slots out there. We know it is, because we know how many of you play it with us at Clover Casino! All we can say is that it’s down to the fact it pays out regularly, it’s almost soothing to play, and it harks back to a simpler time in slot gaming history. Somewhere between the nostalgia and the design is the pleasure. You’d have to play Starburst slot yourself to truly understand, and if you haven’t we suggest that you do.

The playing arena of Starburst, against that deep-space purple shade, is a five-by-three layout of reels and rows, upon which a beautiful collection of shining precious stones spin on the reels. There are several of them to admire, some of which are obviously more valuable than others; and you can tell that by looking. You don’t need to be an expert valuer to know what you’re hoping to see in Starburst slot, and the display helpfully tells you what each individual symbol is worth when it’s totalling up wins for you anyway.

Above the standard symbols are those two old fruit machine favourites Lucky Number 7 and Bar. They’re like a bridge between the old and new eras that Starburst brings together in this slot. There’s also a wild, which is an actual Starburst, and will occupy the entire reel it lands on when it turns up.

Starburst Slot Bonus Features

Although Starburst slot has modern twists to its classic format, it’s still a slot game that leans more towards traditional players. That means it doesn’t go overboard with its bonus features or other extras. There are only a couple here, and one of them is, strictly speaking, more of a feature of the base game than it is an actual bonus feature.

Starburst offers a Block Bonus, whereby if you have symbols grouped in clusters rather than lines, they’re all taken into account when the value of the winning line is calculated, so long as there’s a traditional winning line there to start with. Clusters will be counted from left to right, right to left and top to bottom around the winning line. As there are only ten winning lines to begin with, and not a massive amount of symbols, clusters occur quite frequently, and so this feature makes the slot quite generous.

Starburst Wild is the feature that triggers when the wild lands on your reels and expands to fill it. This can only occur on reels two, three or four. You now have one free spin to find some fresh winning combinations, with the whole wild reel to help make it happen. We know a free spin with a wild reel isn’t an outlandish bonus feature by the standards of the modern era, but it’s above and beyond what would have been available in the time that Starburst is trying to emulate. As we said, this is mostly a slot that celebrates the old and gives it a slight hint of the new.

Starburst Slot Developer

There are many slot game developers out there. We don’t know if any of them make prettier games than the good people at Net Ent, the Gibraltar based company who also have offices in the USA, Sweden, Poland and Ukraine. With over twenty years of professional experiences, Net Ent have become masters of their craft, and it shows in their ingenious designs. It’s not our place to say who the biggest and best developer in the world is; we can only say who belongs in that conversation. Most of the developers we work with do, and Net Ent might have a stronger claim than almost all of them.

As well as being known for the incredible visuals of their online slots, Net Ent is also noticeable for how many of them they create. There are more than two hundred Net Ent slots in the market, touching on the full range of genres and themes. Net Ent’s portfolio of work has been diverse. Who else could say their range includes the official slot game of Jimi Hendrix, and also the adorably cute and quirky Finn And The Swirly Spin?

Net Ent has built a particularly stylish home for themselves online. They clearly put as much time into creating their website as they do into designing their online slots. Reading through the text of that site, you’ll notice that Net Ent refers to themselves as working in the field of digital entertainment rather than just developing online slots. We’re not aware of any activities they undertake apart from creating slot and other casino games, but given their ability to make fantastic graphics and animations we’re surprised nobody’s approached them to animate a film!

Every slot game that Net Ent has ever published is still online at their website, and so here are their thoughts on Starburst, which has been one of their all-time most popular creations:
This renowned video slot is an absolute star. You’ve heard of it. You know it. You’ve probably played it. And if not, you should. The sparkling jewels of the legendary Starburst™ are there for the taking.
This 5-reel, 3-row video slot has several exciting features including Win Both Ways and the expanding Starburst™ Wild. If you enjoy high-paced energising slots, Starburst™ offers many fun features that make playing the game an unforgettable experience. And of course, the potential for huge wins is astronomical! Win anticipation is cranked up to maximum. Arcade-like light effects follow wins, and the Big Win presentation is truly a sight to behold: blasts of light, flashing text, electrifying sounds – it’s a rush like no other.
Starburst™ remains one of the all-time classics and is a shining example of our excellence in video slots. You can find it on any casino worth its salt – so you have no excuse not to head over and give it a spin!

There’s no modesty in the phrase “a shining example of our excellence”, but then why be modest when you have a great game on your hands, and one that people have fallen head over heels in love with? Starburst is excellent and was obviously a labour of love from the Net Ent studio. They have every right to be proud of it.

Comparable Games To Starburst By Net Ent

Net Ent released Starburst in 2012. They haven’t created a direct sequel to the slot, but they have come up with a sort-of sequel which uses almost identical functionality with a different visual theme. As Starburst is at its core a traditional slot, there are many online slots out there like it, both by Net Ent and by others.

We’ll look at Net Ent’s linked offerings first, and then we’ll turn out attention elsewhere.


Berryburst takes everything that worked from Starburst, and reimagines the game as a modern take on a fruit machine. That means all the jewels and celestial bodies from the Starburst slot have been replaced by juicy fruit! Thanks once again to Net Ent’s skill with graphics, it’s impossible to play this slot without developing a craving for a cold fruit juice. Berryburst is so similar to Starburst that we suspect Starburst was used as a template to program it, with new visuals painted over the original game. Even the RTP is virtually identical at 96.56%, as it the reel-and-row layout and the expanding wild. There’s nothing to choose between the two slots. If you like jewels, pay Starburst. If you like fruit, play Berryburst!

Berryburst Max:

While Starburst never got a sequel, Berryburst did, which seems somehow unfair. Instead of sticking to the original format, Net Ent got experimental with this one. The idea of regular winning paylines has been removed, and wins are only awarded when the fruit symbols clump together in groups of more than five. It’s like the block bonus idea from Starburst has been taken and progressed to the next level. Visually the slot looks like a commercial for a soft drink, with fruit trapped inside a liquid, and blocks of ice working as the wilds. RTP has been very gradually dialled back down to 96.23% for this version of the game. With no fixed paylines, it might be a step too far away from the traditional origins of the Starburst/Berryburst series for some players.
Dazzle Me: This slot isn’t directly connected to Starburst in the same way the Berryburst games are, but it’s another jewel-themed offering from Net Ent, and if you squinted at the reels you might think you were playing Starburst, albeit with a background of a different shade. Look closer though, and you’ll notice that the reels have a variable number of rows, and things are a little more complicated than they appeared initially. Although there are only six symbols here, there are a full seventy paylines because of the structure, offering 96.9% RTP. That’s very high! The presence of scatters in the Dazzle Me slot provides access to a free spins round if you can collect them in the right places.

Comparable Games To Starburst By Other Developers

Net Ent might be fantastic at making traditional-themed games with a modern twist, but they’re certainly not the only people doing it. There’s still a huge audience of players out there who enjoy new takes on the classics, and so most major developers are keen to serve that audience. We’d be here forever if we listed them all off one by one, but here are some of the highlights from elsewhere.

Diamond Strike:

Just as Starburst has become a calling card for Net Ent, Diamond Strike has done the same for Pragmatic Play; both developers have achieved significant success with classically-themed slots, which just isn’t supposed to happen in this day and age. Starburst is all about making winning lines out of different precious stones, but in Diamond Strike, there’s only one. This is a 5×3 slot with fifteen fixed paylines and 96.48% RTP. There are a few more symbols to contend with on your way to finding them though, all of which are taken from the style of an old fruit machine. In fact, this entire slot simulates the experience of playing a fruit machine, right down to showing you the edges of the ‘case’ as you play. There is a bonus feature in the slot; collecting coins allows you to make a bet on what’s contained within a jewellery box. You need to find four of them to enter the feature though. It’s not as attractive a slot game as Starburst, but then it’s trying to simulate an old fashioned slot machine, and so it shouldn’t be.

Cosmic Crystals:

Having opened in mid-2017, Iron Dog Studios are newcomers to the online slot world. They’re a subsidiary of the 1×2 Network, formerly known as 1×2 Gaming. Cosmic Crystals is one of six online slots that the new company published upon launching, as a ‘we’re here’ statement to the gaming world. Visually, Cosmic Crystals has a lot in common with Starburst; even the colour of the background and the design of the jewels on the reels is similar. Cosmic Crystals does its best to be generous for you though; as well as containing fifty paylines, the slot will give you one free spin every time you spin and don’t find a winning line. While on the one hand, this does feel like a lesser version of Starburst, the free spin feature is a nice gesture, and that redeems it in our eyes.

Gems Gone Wild:

This slot from Red Timer Gaming is another that seems to have been inspired, at least in part, by Starburst. That’s not a huge surprise; Starburst was and is a massive hit with players, and wherever someone’s had a hit, other developers often try to get a piece of the action. The layout of reels and rows is the same, the style of the gems on the reels is close, and even the sounds aren’t worlds apart. There isn’t much happening in Gems Gone Wild beyond the base game, and even though the wild symbol turns up on the reels frequently, it isn’t an expanding wild of the kin that Starburst has to offer. Not as pretty to look at, and with slightly less going on in terms of features and rewards, it’s difficult to find a reason to suggest playing this instead of Starburst.

Starburst On Mobile

With so many different developers out there, it’s no surprise that there are differing philosophies on how best to turn a great online slot into a great mobile slot. Some, like Pragmatic Play, code everything in HTML5, so there’s never an issue. Others focus on emulating the online slot identically, meaning that it can only be played as a mobile slot if you hold your phone sideways, because the game can’t run with different screen proportions. Net Ent has taken a different route.

As we’ve seen with other slots from Net Ent, when you load Starburst on your mobile device, you’ll find that you actually open ‘Starburst Touch’. This is an entirely separate and unique version of the slot game. You still have great graphics, and all the sounds from the computer version are here; the slot has just been calibrated and optimised to run on a mobile touchscreen device. That means only two buttons on the screen, best-possible use of the screen space, and an excellent experience for players.

The one place it falls down is that it’s no longer HD — one of our favourite things about Starburst the fact that it’s a great looking slot game. The majority of new smartphones and tablets are HD devices, and so you notice when the game you see on your device isn’t as sharp as the game you see on your laptop screen. We appreciate that time has passed since 2012, and we wonder if Net Ent will come back to tweak the mobile slot version to incorporate the HD visuals? They’re a developer who takes a great deal of pride in the look of their slots, so it wouldn’t surprise us!

Starburst Slot News

Starburst slot isn’t new, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be news. It’s never gone too far from the top of the ‘most played’ lists since its release, and so it’s an easy point of reference when both mainstream and industry reporters talk about what’s trending in the online casino world.

You can tell that a slot game has gone mainstream when a major British tabloid newspaper is referencing it. The Sun has its own miniature online casino, which includes slot games (although it should be noted that they don’t specialise in this area, and their collection pales in comparison to ours!). Because Sun readers can now access the slot, the Sun ran a brief report explaining how to play it. They didn’t even mention Net Ent though, and anyone reading the article without knowing better might believe the Sun came up with the slot themselves!

As 2018 came to a close, publications both inside and outside the gaming world wrote articles containing their highlights from the year. Business Matters magazine put Starburst inside their top four, even though it’s not a 2018 release. Yet again, that’s a measure of the enduring appeal of the slot. It may not be packed with modern features, but it does ‘old meets new’ as well as anything else we’ve ever seen, and that may explain why it never falls out of fashion.

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