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Decipher the codes, match the symbols, become legend, and most of all: win money. Eye of Horus is a treat for all eyes and highly popular player favourite.

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Eye of Horus Slot Game

This is a slot that is as mysterious as it is alluring. There aren’t that many slots out there that can take us by surprise anymore; same formula different day. Eye of Horus is a welcome change to the status quo, offering an alternative experience with each and every spin that you see play out on these reels. Eye of Horus is a 3 row slot, played over 5 reels and 10 adjustable pay-lines. As far as slots go, this is a very basic slot that is chocked full of outstanding features. Yes this is an ancient Egypt slot incase you haven’t connected the dots yet. Simply match the symbols on these reels to come out on top. There is a level of secrecy to this slot that encourages you to continue playing in hope of giving you the power of discovering them out for yourself. Be sure to check out our full review to learn more, but in terms of sites to play this on, we’d recommend CloverCasino.com.

Eye of Horus Bonus Features

Before you even ask, yes there are wilds and scatter symbols here, and yes they also act in the same way that most wilds and scatters do in other online slots. Matching wilds will unlock scatters and so on and so forth. The scatter symbol in this slot is reflected by the pyramid symbol. Free games will be unlocked through the matching of these scatter symbols. Symbols are matched from left to right, and can be matched in groups of between 3-5. The free games round actually takes you to an alternate screen, taking players inside an ancient tomb where they must then select certain matching symbols, symbols that have hidden multipliers that will cause your scores to surge.

There is also a gamble feature at play here that will allow players the chance of risking it all in order to win big. Be warned, this jackpot feature is non refundable, meaning you could lose out on a rather big pay-out due to you getting greedy. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. See below for more information on Eye of Horus!

Eye of Horus Developer

What’s brighter than the sun? Merkur gaming that’s what. With an entree of games at their disposal, it’s quite simple to answer the question of why their games are so popular: they’re just too fun. The sun on their logo is only as bright as their ideas (and trust us, they aren’t lacking in that department). Not many devs out there have the dedication and have the intestinal fortitude to come out with an experience such as this.
The Verdict

Merkur’s decision to create a very simplistic game gives even the newest of players a great launchpad into the world of online slots. If you enjoy high speed capers resulting in high cash pay- outs then you will be very happy with Eye of Horus, a game oddly similar to another Merkur title: 40 Thieves and Luck of the Irish. It’s gameplay is very basic to both slots but then this only adds to the game itself.

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